Our story

The idea of producing high quality wine bore fruit from a conversation between Beppe, Michel and Franco, three old friends on a beautiful early summer evening in a splendid restaurant in Porte Maillot, Paris. They wanted to produce quality wine to satisfy their own palates, and those of friends with whom to share joyful evenings, sensations and emotions. 

Michel Grosbost, a Parisian, told the others of his intention to buy a vineyard in the Midi in France to produce high quality wine, in order to satisfy his desire to enjoy the best things in life. His friends, Beppe and Franco La Sala, who shared this desire, immediately proposed the idea of creating a `vignoble’ together in Sardinia, where the bright sunshine and natural environment is particularly suitable for vine cultivation, and where wines of high quality and taste can be produced. Michel, who loves Sardinia, didn’t take much convincing! And so it began… 

The friends employed an agronomist to find the most suitable land for producing well-structured red wines, with the requisites of available water and a favourable microclimate. The search ended in the Castiadas territory in the south east of Sardinia, famous for ‘Cape Ferrato’ , where land was acquired. The land is characterized by sandy soil derived from granite decompo-sition and a favourable slope. 

The area is on the border of the Regional Natural Park of `Minni-Minni’ , protected by the 1000m high Sette Fratelli’ mountains and adjacent to the ‘Rio S ‘Acqua Callenti’ springs and connecting lake. In this extraordinary and unique natural environment Cannonau, Carignano, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon vines were planted, in proportions suggested by experien-ced oenologists and agronomists. The aim of this group of friends was to do everything possible to obtain extraordinary wines. 

Nothing was left to chance in the care for the vines no expense or energy was spared in taking the best possible care of the land and the vines themselves so that they would thrive true to organic principles, with no need for pesticides and polluting substances. Generous pruning was used, yielding lower production but higher quality. As a result, the grapes produced purposely amounted to less than half of those predicted by the producers of the benchmark DOC wines. 

The grape harvest is carried out entirely by hand, using small aerated containers, taking care to choose only the best bunches and to crush them within two hours of collection. The vinification takes place in a sterile environment using cutting edge technological systems, whilst following traditional oenological principles. The best existing enzymes are used, and the produc-tion knowledge owes everything to greatly renowned and experienced oenologists. With all these conditions, the wine produced is the best that we could wish for, without the need for preservatives or corrective agents. 

These are natural wines, healthy, and of the highest quality, able to satisfy the palates of the three friends, all their friends and anyone else who will have the pleasure of tasting it. Above all, they are an expression of harmony between the landscape and the environment from which the wines are born. 

The harmony of the wines is symbolically represented by the musical notes on a staff and by the denomination of the wines. The chosen colours, which are expressions of nature, are ordered according to the chromatic interpretation of the Miro’.

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